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Casarone provides a wide range of products that includes different levels of processing for different varieties of grain.

White rice

Rice husked and polished during the milling process where the germ, the outer layers and the internal parts are extracted.

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    A variety of fine long grain that presents a larger grain, having excellent cooking and grain conditions.
    Length: 7.20 mm - Width: 2.05 mm

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    Selection 404 (Double Caroline)

    A variety of long/wide grain. Low in amylose with a very good industrial behavior. It is a variety very recognized and required in the international market, especially in Japanese cuisine.
    Length: 6.59 mm - Width: 2.48 mm
    Weight of 1,000 whole grains: 24.00 grams.

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    A variety of long/wide grain. excellent taste. A product low in amylose which makes it ideal for Japanese cuisine and its special dishes.
    Length: 7.25 mm - Width: 2.80 mm.
    Weight of 1,000 whole grains: 29.50 grams.

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    A variety of fine long grain with high productivity and excellent industrial performance.
    Length: 7.10 mm - Width: 2.05 mm.

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    CL 212

    A variety of fine long grain, Clearfield, short cycle. It has won its space in the main world markets.
    Length: 7.10 mm - Width: 2.17 mm

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    A variety of fine long grain, Clearfield. It has an excellent agronomic and industrial performance and very good cooking.
    Length: 7.06 mm - Width: 2.14 mm.

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    El paso 144

    A variety of traditional fine long grain in our country, having good mill and cuisine quality.
    Length: 6.90 mm - Width: 2.20 mm

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    A variety of fine long grain, outstanding thanks to its performance, graining and flavor.
    Length: 6.70 mm - Width: 2.10 mm

Parboiled rice

This rice is rice soaked in warm water under pressure, saturated with vapor and dried before being subjected to the polishing process. During the parboiling process some physical-chemical changes occur in the grain which consist of:
a) starch gelatinization
b) transfer of soluble material (minerals and vitamins) from external layers towards the inside of the grain
c) adhesion of the innermost layers of the germ and tegument to the starchy endosperm.
That cause the parboiled and processed grains to be richer in vitamins and minerals than the raw rice and after being cooked, it has more volume, it is more loose and can be reheated.
Parboiled rice is particularly attractive to consumers who want loose grains rice. It retains more nutrients than white rice but it requires longer cooking.

Brown rice

Rice whose husks have been removed which maintain the germ and inner and outer layers intact. The facto of maintaining bran layers intact makes it a rice rich in minerals and vitamins (especially group B vitamins). It requires a slower and longer cooking. It has a chewable texture and a nutty taste.

Broken rice

During the elaboration process, broken grains are generated, they are separated from the main product and commercialized independently. Its classification is made according to the length of the grain fragment. Half grain rice is that rice whose fragment length is smaller than the half of the whole grain but more than a quarter of the grain. Our main markets for this product are on the West coast of Africa.

Rice oil

Rice oil is obtained from the rice bran located between the husk and the grain. This oil is ideal for cooking food at high temperatures. Casarone commercializes two varieties:

Refined oil: in presentations of 900 cc or 10 liter drums
Special oil for frying: exclusively in 10 liter drums


High "smoke point". That refers to the temperature where oil starts to give off smoke when it is heated: 220ºC. Considering that the frying temperatures are 180-190ºC, the advantage of frying using rice oil is evident since neither smoke nor unpleasant odors are released. On the other hand, when used in frying, the yield of rice oil is 15% higher than the yield of other oils.

Stability to oxidation: Studies carried out in the Research Institute of Ajinomoto, Japan, verified that fried food elaborated with rice oil remain more time without getting rancid. This characteristic is due to the natural antioxidants it contains.

Depressant of blood cholesterol levels (undesirable LDL-cholesterol). Among the known commercial oils, oil rice is the only one that contains Gamma Oryzanol that reduces the undesirable cholesterol content in blood of individuals who consume it. It is also a food rich in Vitamin E, recognized for its protective properties for the cardiovascular system.

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